Pisces Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 7 – 1 3, 2021

Your nesting instincts get fired up this Thursday, when the year’s only new moon in Gemini—which happens to be an animating solar eclipse—lands in your domestic fourth house. Regardless of whether you’re sharing a dorm-like apartment with multiple roomies or living the dream in a penthouse with floor-to-ceiling windows, you may suddenly NEED to make your living space actually feel like a sanctuary. Start by taking stock of what you have, lack and need to get rid of. Set some goals for how you want this to look and, especially, feel.

To accomplish that, you may simply do some serious decluttering and recycling, or you might be looking at a paint job, furniture and maybe knocking down (or putting up) a wall. Your home should be a reflection of your personal style, and as an aesthetically oriented Pisces, that’s a specific thing. This lunation’s influence lasts six months, so don’t feel like you have to rush into anything. Give yourself until the corresponding full moon in Gemini on December 18 to finish the project. If you’re in the market for a move, look out, Dorothy! Like that famous twister, this eclipse could take you from Kansas to Oz (or maybe just a new spot in the same zip code), faster than you can say, “There’s no place like home.”

On Friday, June 11, energizing Mars blasts into Leo and your sixth house of work and wellness until July 29. The red-hot planet hasn’t visited this chart sector in two years, so take a moment to find your cross-trainers, Fitbit and yoga mat, then dive into the action. This can be your most active and productive seven weeks in a long time—if you take up the challenge. At work, the boss may be ramping up demands and slicing weeks off deadlines, or a colleague might give notice or take an extended vacation, dumping more onto your lap. This is where getting physical can help. Breaking a sweat with intense cardio is not only good for your heart and metabolism, the endorphins that get released help you stabilize your mood and tame the stress monster.

Max out this transit by giving your eating habits a once- (or twice-) over. By adding more fresh organic produce to your diet, you’ll crowd out empty calories. Eat small meals or snacks more frequently to keep your levels steady. And remember: This isn’t about following the fads or trends that will be outmoded next year. Real-deal lifestyle shifts—and deep healing—start with you getting in touch with your highest personal goals and then coming up with a game plan to support them.

On Sunday, you may have no choice but to deal with a family issue. Chalk it up to the Gemini Sun in your fourth house taking a hit from your ruler, crisis-junkie Neptune, in your sign. Keep your emotional satellite tower activated and shield yourself against manipulations. While this person might be in a legit crisis, remember that the best support is the kind that empowers rather than enables dependency. Help people think through their options but allow THEM to come up with possible solutions. The answers people devise for themselves are the ones that tend to stick, after all. Then again, your best line of defense may be to mute family text threads and head to the nearest pool. First, give your inner circle a heads-up that, for anything other than a true emergency, you’re off duty this weekend!

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