12 Dangerous Bedtime Habits You Should Avoid

Resting soundly is imperative. It decides your wellbeing and prosperity. There are, nonetheless, a great deal of things that you can foul up while preparing to rest. You should, at all expense keep away  from these 12 unsafe sleep time propensities:  1. Try not to head to sleep with cold feet Warm your feet everytime before

Oreo “Nightmare Potatoes” Recipe TikTok Video

@quincylk Made of neither Nightmares nor Potatoes, these are ##Quincys magical snacks made for rogues. ##quincystavern ##dnd ##oreos ##easyrecipe ##snack ##cookies ##oc ♬ Evening in the Tavern from The Witcher – quincylk We love Oreos for their versatility. Not only are they great on their own or with a simple glass of milk, but they

How Netflix’s Never Have I Ever Navigates Race

Growing up Asian American, I didn’t harbor high hopes for representation on television. As a child who voraciously consumed TV in the aughts, I more often identified with Rory Gilmore and Willow Rosenberg than the one or two characters of color on Gilmore Girls and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My expectations for representation didn’t skyrocket

Disney’s New Frozen Shorts Featuring Josh Gad

Keeping your little kids busy at home can be a tall order, but fortunately, Disney is here to help! Actor Josh Gad (who voices Frozen‘s Olaf) and Disney animator Hyrum Osmond have been working together to create a new series of Frozen-themed shorts starring everyone’s favorite snowman, called At Home With Olaf. Little ones can

9 Best Exercises to do at Home

Author: Nicholas Gregory, MA, CSSC We all know that staying active is good for us! Whether exercising at the gym, taking a yoga class, or taking the pups for a walk, movement and activity have time and time again been correlated with positive health outcomes.   Despite the fact that movement of any kind can play

Olympians Share Home Workouts During Coronavirus Pandemic

When I’m slogging through my latest home workout — hitting my legs on the coffee table, sending apologies to my downstairs neighbors, praying my resistance bands don’t snap — it helps me to remember that all of us are in the same boat. Not even Olympians have been spared the struggle of taking gym (or

Healthy Peanut Butter Chickpea Blondies

If you’re swimming in canned food right now, here’s a surprising recipe you can make: vegan chickpea blondies! Specifically healthy peanut butter chickpea blondies with chocolate chips inside. This easy healthy dessert recipe is flourless, grain-, dairy- and gluten-free, vegan and it’s super delicious. Healthy Peanut Butter Chickpea Blondies You know how there are tons