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Obesity and Weight Control

Obesity , which is now classified as chronic disease, result primarily from a combination of excessive energy intake from foods and beverages especially those that are high in calories and from inadequate physical activity to burn off the excess calories ingested,

Weight gain is not influenced by the consumption of any one of the weight gain is entirely dependent on the total amount of excess calories. A calorie is a calorie, regardless if the source
Over weight and obesity are characterized by excessive accumulation of fat in the fat cells , of practically all tissues of the body . both environmental factors, such as obesity-promoting lifestyle behaviors, and hereditary determinants increase the likelihood of an individual developing obesity.

Increase in body weight in nations throughout the world, especially affluent nations, resides in the change in the food supply more sugar , fats and fast food that have been promoted by modern marketing strategies targeting children and young people.

One of the great concerns with the obesity epidemic, especially for children and adolescents, is the contribution of obesity to type 2 diabetes mellittus. In fact in the United State there is now a double epidemic sometimes referred to as diabesity , reflecting the increased incidence of obesity and diabetes in the same individuals. In 2010 more than 69% of adults in the United States were overweight or obese, and 25.6 million (about 11.3% of adults) had type the prevention of overweight and obesity, but treatment of these candies only briefly

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