North-East esports summit tournament and registration date announced

Mobile eSports in India hasn’t lost its shine despite the ban on the most popular mobile eSports title. Sponsored by Airtel, Nodwin Gaming has come up with an exclusive tournament for North-east India, in an attempt to promote eSports in the region. Named Northeast eSports Summit, the tournament will feature 2 mobile games – Free Fire and Clash of clans. The total prize pool for the event is set at 3.5 lakh INR.

For free fire, the event will take place in 2 phases.

Free Fire tournament format
Free Fire tournament format

1. Online Qualifiers:

A total of 4 qualifiers will be played for each game. Each qualifier will have a total of 400 slots. 3 teams from each qualifier will qualify to the grand finals. Round 1 Matches will be a BO1 format, & 3 teams will qualify for round 2. Round 2 Matches will be a BO1 format, where 4 teams qualify for round 3. Round 3 Matches will be a BO2 format, and 4 teams will qualify to the qualifier finals.

Finals of each Free Fire qualifier will be in a BO5 format.

2. Grand Finals

The grand finals will feature a BO12 (Best of 12) match conducted over 2 days

Registrations for the 1st qualifier started on 14th October, and will go on till 26th October 2020.The online matches will be played between 28th-30th October, and the Finals will be completed on 1st November. You can register yourself by heading over to

The registrations for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th qualifiers of Free Fire aren’t open yet, but to keep an eye on the dates, you can follow the above link too.

Similarly, for Clash of clans, the registrations are open now, and will be closed on 26th October. The online qualifiers will be played between 28th October and 30th October. The Finals will be conducted on 31st October. Watch out for the upcoming Qualifiers and registrations through the link provided above.

The step from Nodwin gaming to add 2 new games to the NE eSports Summit in the form of mobile titles will surely boost the growth of eSports in Northeast India. 

Published 14 Oct 2020, 23:57 IST

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