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I see it everyday.  People come into the gym to workout, and consistently perform the  exact same routine, day after day.  Then, with a clueless expression, come up to me and ask why they are not seeing the results they are looking for.  Sure, they are putting the time and effort into their fitness goals, but that’s not enough!

My recommendation is simple:  You have to change it up.


When you perform the same exercises for an extended period of time, your body adapts to those specific movements.  Your body, your muscles, and even your mind knows whats coming and prepares accordingly.  The result is a plateau of progress with little or no significant muscular gains or fat loss.

Because of the body’s ability to adapt and prepare for the stresses placed upon it, you must outsmart your muscles by adding new and different movements and exercises.  This will challenge your muscles to a new level and allow you to make progress toward your overall fitness goals.  This idea has been coined “muscle confusion” by many leading fitness experts and trainers, and has been proven to produce dramatic results in various programs.

Without this change in pace, you will continue to remain at your current fitness level.  Do research, ask your personal trainer, or just improvise.  All you have to remember is to change up your routine every couple months and you will be astonished at the progress that will be made by confusing and challenging your body and mind to a new level.

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