MOOP MAP 2018: Day 2 – Here Comes The Dust…Again

MOOP MAP 2018 Day 2 : Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Total Crew on Playa: 166

City Grid Blocks Completed: 7:00 to 10:15 HI, IJ, JK, KL and 1:45 to 3:30 Esplanade-A, AB, BC

Location: Black Rock City, NV

Weather: Mostly sunny, windy

Temperature: 73°/32°

Wind: 0-13 mph

Dear Black Rock City,

We did well today, quickly picking up where we left off on the blocks 7:00 HI, IJ, JK, KL toward 10:00 but then ran smack dab into a bit of turbulence between 8:00 and 9:30 with a few large blocks of Yellow and some Red.

Then the winds came, sporadically rolling dust down the 6:00 to 10:00 side of the city during an otherwise beautiful day.

The Line Sweeps shifted to the 2:00 side where it was sunny and clear, starting at 1:45 Esplanade-A, AB, BC where it was Green right up until the end of the day.

Although the large swaths of Yellow on the back blocks were concerning, our spirits remain high and our outlook is good.

Here is a snapshot of the MOOP Map after day 2, presented by our scribes Belledozer and Wee Heavy back in sunny Gerlach.



As always, the MOOP Map is a work in progress and a final hi-res version will be made available only after we’ve completed our work on the playa, reviewed all of our data, and verified that all of the Theme Camps are in their final correct placement.

If you are the official leader/contact of a theme camp and would like to request a MOOP Report you can do so by filling out a MOOP Report Request Form. Due to high demand from Green camps with a little bit of Red, priority will be given to Red camps.


MOOP MAP Day 2: Tuesday, September 18th


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