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Kings Of Colosseum
Date: July 6, 2019
Location: Cicero Stadium, Chicago, Illinois
Commentators: Rich Bocchini, Jim Cornette

We’ve got another live show here and so far, the success rate for these has been pretty good. The shows tend to run a bit longer than a regular episode of Fusion, but that should probably be the case when the show is supposed to be bigger. The main event is MLW World Champion defending against Jacob Fatu in a match that could go either way. Let’s get to it.

We open with a preview of tonight’s show.

The opening video looks at the major matches with no commentary.

National Openweight Title: Alexander Hammerstone vs. ???

This is Hammerstone’s Star Spangled Banner Challenge and the Dynasty is out in full force. Before anyone answers the challenge, Hammerstone says he represents a true American hero, unlike those dastardly Harts back there. That’s why he’s a fighting champion so he wants opponents from all corners of the world. He wants the cream of the crop, but he’s the creamiest of them all.

It’s Kotto Brazil answering the challenge and Cornette knows this one is going to hurt. Maxwell Jacob Friedman joins commentary and he rants about his microphone being off, meaning he throws the headset down and leaves in a huff as only he can. And now he’s back with the headset working, which Friedman blames on Court Bauer being scared of how great he is at commentary. Brazil starts fast with a middle rope spinning forearm as Friedman has Aria Blake sit on his lap so they can talk about whatever, ahem, pops up.

Kotto kicks at the ribs but gets shoved away and eats a bicycle kick. Hammerstone tosses him over his head with ease and a second toss cuts Brazil off again. The Nightmare Pendulum is broken up though and Brazil nails his tornado DDT. A missile dropkick puts Hammerstone down and a frog splash gets two. Richard Holliday offers a distraction though and a very delayed vertical superplex plants Brazil. The Nightmare Pendulum retains the title at 5:39.

Result: Alexander Hammerstone b. Kotto Brazil – Nightmare Pendulum (5:39)

Post match the Dynasty puts the American flag around Hammerstone and Friedman brags about him. Friedman isn’t done though and calls out the Hart Foundation for a Tag Team Title shot.

Cornette and Bocchini talk about the World Title match and how bad it would be if Fatu won.

Simon Gotch talks about how Contra attacked Tom Lawlor the last time they were here. A clean shaven Lawlor jumps him from behind and asks if Fatu is ready.

We get a quick look at Frank Gotch vs. George Hackenschmidt in 1911.

MLW will be on pay per view on November 2, including four title matches.

Myron Reed vs. Rey Horus

Reed has Jordan Oliver in his corner. Hold on as Reed needs to bail to the floor again as he and Oliver don’t think much of the fans. Reed gets in a shot to the face to start but a leg lariat takes him down. Back up and some running from Horus sends Reed outside for another breather. Reed’s headlock doesn’t work very well as Horus snaps off a running hurricanrana.

Oliver grabs Horus’ leg though, allowing Reed to duck a clothesline and kick Horus in the head. That’s enough to send Horus outside for a stomping from Oliver, which the referee somehow misses. Even commentary is ranting about how blind he must be to let that happen. Horus is right back up with a rope walk armdrag to send Reed outside, followed by a backdrop to send an invading Oliver onto him. For some reason the referee won’t let Horus dive so he dives over the referee instead.

Back in and Reed hits a running dropkick in the corner but a middle rope legdrop to the back of the neck gives Horus two. Something like a Stundog Millionaire drops Horus and Reed nails a springboard 450 for two of his own. A quick Spanish Fly gives Horus two more as the back and forth continues. Oliver offers a distraction though and Reed nails a springboard uppercut (the Louisville Slugger) for the pin at 8:42.

Result: Myron Reed b. Rey Horus – Louisville Slugger (8:42)

The Hart Foundation agrees to defend against the Dynasty, but it’s in a ladder match with Brian Pillman and Teddy Hart defending. Pillman can’t believe he’s getting the chance and promises to make his family proud.

Cornette is in the ring for a live Jim Cornette Experience with Salina de la Renta. We hear some of her accolades, including the Female Entrepreneur (which she can’t pronounce) of the Year in Puerto Rico. Cornette brings up LA Park’s upcoming World Title shot, but that information is confidential. With that out of the way, Cornette asks about Konnan coming back with some fresh talent to go after Salina and company.

Well since Konnan isn’t here and doesn’t have his superstars anymore, he isn’t very good at his job. And he can’t please a woman. Cue Konnan to offer to show how pleasing he can be right now before switching over to some Spanish. He has a new crop of luchadors coming after Salina, which she calls typical Konnan. Apparently she has a secret that can humiliate Konnan and end his career once and for all. If he wants it to come out, keep trying her. Salina leaves and Konnan hits the catchphrase.

We look at Lawlor attacking Gotch again.

Dr. Wagner Jr. is coming.

The Dynasty is down with Pillman being involved but aren’t sure about the ladder part.

The show is being extended and we’ll see the end of the World Title match no matter what.

We look back at Contra attacking Lawlor and nearly causing a riot in Chicago.

We run down the tale of the tape for the World Title match and look at all the former World Champions, including from the old days of the promotion.

MLW World Title: Tom Lawlor vs. Jacob Fatu

Fatu is challenging and there are no Von Erichs to back Lawlor up. There’s also no Gotch with Fatu but Josef Samael is here. In case that isn’t enough, Salina is watching from the front row. After the Big Match Intros, we’re finally ready to go. Lawlor’s shots to the face don’t do much as Fatu sends him to and knocks him off the apron for a big crash. A whip into the barricade has Lawlor in trouble and he gets choked with the camera cord to make it even worse.

Back in and Fatu knocks him down again and a slam keeps Lawlor in trouble. Fatu’s middle rope headbutt misses and Lawlor goes straight for the choke, which is tossed away with ease. The second and third attempts slow Fatu down but he’s fine enough to drive Lawlor back first into the corner. The double springboard moonsault misses and a Samael distraction backfires as Lawlor gets in a low blow. Fatu misses his seated senton as Cornette is trying to get over how the low blow didn’t even take Fatu down.

That lasts all of two seconds as Fatu pops up and says bring it on so Lawlor grabs a guillotine choke. That’s switched into a DDT attempt but Fatu handstands his way out of it and busts out a handspring moonsault because of course he can do that. A missed charge in the corner lets Lawlor hammer away but it’s a superkick into the pop up Samoan drop. The double springboard moonsault gives Fatu the pin and the title at 7:58.

Result: Jacob Fatu b. Tom Lawlor – Double springboard moonsault (7:58)

Salina grabs her phone and leaves.

Contra celebrates as commentary panics to end the show.

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