Madonna at 60: From conical bras to catholicism, the Queen of Pop’s most iconic fashion moments

Liz Hurley’s safety pin dress, Lady Gaga wrapped in bacon. Nicki Minaj with a two-tone fringe. Pushing fashion boundaries is so much a part of modern pop stardom that to have one do a Steve Jobs and turn up in a generic uniform would likely cause us to spiral into questioning their entire validity as an artist.

And with magazine covers, brand partnerships and Instagram grids in the balance, how could they not pay attention to what they’re wearing?

But artists donning increasingly bizarre glad rags didn’t start as a publicity stunt. It started as an identity marker.

From the very genesis of her career, Madonna was dressing quite like no one else, marking out her place through her style personality, one that said ‘I’m not quite like anyone else.’

Madonna at 60: Key moments of the singer’s career

Of course you’d expect sartorial prowess from a self-professed ‘material girl.’ But when Madonna released the song on her 1984 second album ‘Like a Virgin,’ perhaps we didn’t expect how much she’d have or just what an impact her choice of clothing would continue to have on us over two decades later.

From conical bras to aerobic spandex, French Revolution frocks to BDSM, we’ve rounded up Madonna’s most iconic fashion moments. Click through the below gallery to take a look. 

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