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Long Wavy Casual Hairstyle – Medium Brunette

These long locks are left to fall over the shoulders, showing off the soft curls dressed through the mid-lengths to ends for shape and softness. This stunning look is easy to re-create with the right tools and needs product for shine and hold. Regular trims every 4-6 weeks will help prevent split ends.

Our model is looking beautiful here in a long-length layered hairstyle that has soft waves and curls throughout. She has an oval face shape and highlights this by adding height through the crown of the head and volume throughout her tresses. Oval face shapes can pull pretty much any hairstyle off, including ultra voluminous ones like this one. She keeps her hair over the ears and maintains maximum volume through the temples to give emphasis to her high cheekbones and eye area. The loose waves add movement to her cut and also softens her face shape nicely. Ladies with an oval face shape could follow our model’s lead with a slightly off-center part and long face-framing layers that help frame the features.

Our model has naturally dark black-brown hair and looks best in shades of vibrant brunette and caramel. Here she is wearing a light golden brown shade that compliments her warm skin tone and dark eyes. Her root area is left slightly darker for an edgy look while the ends are lighter for a sun-kissed finish. Regular toning is needed to keep this color looking fresh.

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