Libra Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 7 – 1 3, 2021

Dust off your suitcase, Libra, because after a long hiatus, you could be off to explore new destinations. Thursday, June 10 marks the only new moon in Gemini—also a galvanizing solar eclipse—which powers up your globally adventurous ninth house. This could spur actual travel, or it can wake up and shake up any areas where you feel like your wings are being clipped, like a stressful job or going-nowhere situationship. No need to get resentful when you could be joyfully plotting your exit strategy. Even if you can’t jump ship now, give yourself until the corresponding Gemini full moon on December 18 to extricate yourself. But if you’re restless or unhappy, this is a perfect moment to set things in motion. Cross cultural connections ignite, no matter your GPS coordinates. Some Libras could find yourselves applying to grad school or setting up your own online course academy to share your knowledge. If your comfort level allows, you might even explore the possibility of hosting a small retreat.

Reclaim your superconnector status on Friday, June 11, as red-hot Mars blasts into Leo and your eleventh house of group activity and technology until July 29. This exuberant cycle could bring exhilarating—and productive—collaborations, which will come as blessed relief after Mars’ turbocharged tour of your professional sector since April 23. It’ll be nice to engage in the process with your team rather than being hyper-focused on the end result. And since the eleventh house rules social activism and humanitarianism, you might derive special satisfaction from finding an organization that’s doing work you care about.

If it’s time to upgrade your devices, try to wait until Mercury turns direct on June 22. In the meanwhile, how about a digital detox for a day or two? The aggravation of blinging, beeping gadgets may not be readily obvious until you turn them off for 48 hours. When you plug back in to the grid, devise new strategies for managing the flood of messages. For example, set one-hour blocks in the morning and afternoon devoted to your inbox, then log off and set your status as “Away” at other times. Productivity will increase, leaving time for what Libras love best—meeting friends for cultural activity dates!

A situation may arise this Sunday that forces you to examine behaviors that are impeding your growth. Embrace the introspection as the Sun, which governs your ego, locks into an unsettling angle with Neptune, the ruler of your subconscious. These might even be “disguised” as positive or helpful traits that are actually hindrances. For example, have you become so attached to an image of yourself as a caring person that you can no longer see your own shadow?

This transit, while slightly unmooring, is a helpful wake-up call, especially for Libras who feel compelled to keep the peace at any price (including your own happiness). This is a chance to confront your feelings instead of sweeping the negative ones—like anger, resentment or envy—under the rug. You don’t have to blast these revelations on Twitter or even spring into action. For now, it might be enough to just admit them to yourself and a couple inner-circle supporters. It’s only when you can ‘fess up to feeling unhappy, frustrated or worn out that you can begin to actually DO something about it.

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