Kat Graham Short Curly Casual Bob Hairstyle – Dark Blonde

Corkscrew curls give this casual hairstyle tons of bounce and movement. The top is parted in the center and with the body and volume, this ‘do is great to frame a long or angular face. Product is needed for hold and shine and regular trims will help prevent split ends.

Kat Graham looks lovely here with a curly chin-length bob. Working with her natural hair texture, this ‘do has been styled with her corkscrew curls left loose to do their thing, and add body and bounce all over. This is ideal for her face shape which is oblong, as it benefits from the added fullness around the face and cheek area in particular. Kat has a high forehead with a rounded hairline which is ideal for wearing a center part and grown out fringe, as seen here. It is also ideal for curly hair as it allows the tresses to fall nicely around the face and create a frame.

Kat has a warm complexion with gold undertones and green eyes. This makes her well suited to brunette, gold and caramel hair tones the best. Here she goes with a golden brown base color at the roots and sun-kissed wheat blonde through the lengths and ends. This color works well for her and warms up her skin tone, plus it makes her light green eye color even more noticeable. This is a great choice for her coloring and it gives her locks a healthy, shiny finish.

Katerina Alexandre Hartford “Kat” Graham is a Swiss-born American actress, model, singer and dancer. Her film roles include The Parent Trap, 17 Again, The Roommate, Honey 2, Addicted and All Eyez On Me.

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