Interesting rules and pool announced

The WWE Draft begins at this week’s SmackDown show, and the WWE Universe is excited to see what the company has planned. Over the years, the WWE Draft has become one of the most awaited events on WWE TV. It is a chance for the promotion to shake things up and spark fresh feuds and maybe reignite forgotten ones. What will the WWE Draft 2020 have in store this year?

WWE Draft 2020 rules and pool

FOX Sports has reported the rules and pool for the upcoming WWE. Draft 2020. According to the site, Stephanie McMahon will be hosting the WWE Draft, as she did a year ago.

Over 60 WWE Superstars, including male, female, and tag teams, will participate in the WWE Draft 2020. For every two picks WWE SmackDown makes, WWE RAW will make three. The management arrived on this calculation based on the fact that WWE SmackDown is a two-hour show while WWE RAW is a three-hour show.

Tag Team will be considered one pick unless FOX or USA Network (in conjunction with WWE Officials) want to break up a team and pick only one Superstar. If any WWE Superstar isn’t picked during the WWE Draft 2020, he or she will be deemed a Free Agent and can sign with the brand of his/her choosing.

The pool for the WWE Draft 2020 can be found below. The draft for each show is different and will feature WWE Superstars from both shows.

WWE Draft pool for night one
WWE Draft pool for night one
WWE Draft Pool night two
WWE Draft Pool night two

Published 08 Oct 2020, 23:09 IST

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