In-game ID, settings, stats, and more

If you are an active Free Fire player or fan, then you must have heard about the renowned content creator – SK Sabir Boss. The YouTuber is immensely popular among the community in general and has a vast fanbase with extensive viewership, courtesy his in-game skills.

In this article, we will take a look at his Free Fire ID, settings, custom HUD, stats, and more.

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SK Sabir Boss’s Free Fire ID

The Free Fire ID number of SK Sabir Boss is 55479535.

His settings

SK Sabir Boss revealed his settings and custom HUD in a video. Here are his sensitivity settings

  • General – 71
  • Red Dot – 70
  • 2x Scope – 70
  • 4x Scope – 71
  • AWM Scope – 50

Custom HUD

Here is a picture of his custom HUD which was taken from his video.

Custom HUD (Image Credit: SK Sabir Gaming / YouTube)
Custom HUD (Image Credit: SK Sabir Gaming / YouTube)

You can click here to watch the complete video.

His Stats

Lifetime stats

Lifetime stats
Lifetime stats

To date, the famous YouTuber has played a total of 25105 squad games and has secured 8353 victories. SK Sabir Boss has also registered a mammoth 89388 kills against his name with an excellent K/D ratio of 5.34.

He has played relatively fewer solo and duo matches when compared to the squad games. He has 596 Booyahs from 2865 duo games, killing 7784 foes at an incredible K/D ratio of 3.43.

SK Sabir Boss has also amassed 141 victories in the solo mode from 1570 games. The YouTuber has 3202 kills in this mode.

Ranked Stats

Ranked Stats
Ranked Stats

SK Sabir Boss has taken part in 1132 squad games in the Ranked Season 17, winning 297 of them and notching 3105 kills for a magnificent K/D ratio of 3.72.

Apart from this, he has also played 48 duo matches in which he has won 8 times. He has accumulated 89 kills with a solid K/D ratio of 2.07.

SK Sabir Boss has also participated in a single solo match, which did not result in a victory.

His YouTube Channel

SK Sabir Boss runs a channel named SK Sabir Gaming. He has amassed 2.72 million subscribers and more than 109 million views on his channel. The oldest video on his channel dates back to September 2019 and has uploaded a total of 128 videos.

Click here to visit his YouTube channel.

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Published 11 Oct 2020, 18:38 IST

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