I Asked My Fashion Crew for Trends Defining Their Wardrobes

I Asked My Fashion Crew for Trends Defining Their Wardrobes


My Fashion Crew showcases a group of inspiring tastemakers along with the trends and shopping lists that guide their personal wardrobes.

Learning about personal style from different points of view is what makes fashion so enchanting and captivating to me. So I’m always interested in chatting with different people to uncover how they define their style for inspiration. On that note, I actually tapped a few fashion people I follow on Instagram to learn more about their sartorial journey.

The fashion crew in question shared the key trends they’re gravitating towards right now to round out their wardrobes. These are pieces that truly speak to them and more or less take their existing offerings to the next level. As a preview, I’m talking about items like relaxed tailoring and comfy shoe silhouettes.

Below you’ll find mood boards that showcase each style setter’s fashion a bit more, along with more information on their go-to trends. If you’re interested in incorporating one of the items into your own wardrobe, there are also inspired shopping picks.


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