How to Wear Your Swimsuit With an Oversize Button-Down

We’re all trying to master the art of the indoor/outdoor outfit (it’s not just you, Dua Lipa!). My personal favorite look right now happens to be the swimsuit + work shirt, because as long as you have a full swim drawer and one to two button-downs, the combinations are endless. (Don’t forget, you can always shop your SO’s closet for these essentials too.) If you do have an outdoor space for warmer days, you can make the easy transition in this look, which is comfortable enough for loungewear — or pajamas, even — and cool enough for catching rays and all that Vitamin C when temperatures soar.

I love the idea of working a maillot with a lightweight, linen oversize shirt because I feel like I’m basically just wearing a top and bodysuit. If need be, I could always throw on a pair of sweat shorts and run downstairs to get the mail. That said, bikinis are fair game too, and some newer iterations on the market even come with matching bowling shirts, making for an adorable three-piece set (see: Frankies Bikinis and Solid & Striped). Whether you choose to purchase one of the aforementioned co-ords because you’re gung-ho about the trend, or you prefer to work with what you already have, one thing is for sure: summer isn’t dead guys. I’m practically living out of my swim drawer.

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