How to Deal With Dry Skin!

Many people stick to simple routines when it comes to their skin care. However, while such routines are quite convenient, they may also be ineffective. This is because these routines do not take into account changes in the weather or humidity.

Many people suffer from dry skin during the winter season. Dry skin is a form of damage that must be healed in order to recapture your natural glow. So, you must take certain measures to ensure that it does not get or remain damaged for long. Here are some measures suggested by Dr. Siddharth Garekar who runs a leading dermatology clinic in Gurgaon, India:

1. Moisturising the minute you dry off

When you’re done having a bath, you should moisturize your skin immediately. This is because moisturizers are meant to trap the existing moisture on your skin. So, the best time to apply them is immediately after your bath. Additionally, you can take a few measures while having a bath to prevent your dry skin from getting worse. These include:

  • Using cleansers instead of generic facewash on your face
  • Bathing for only 5-10 minutes to prevent damage from hot water
  • Using warm water instead of scalding hot water
  • Blotting your skin with your towel instead of rubbing the moisture off – this can strip away your natural sebum and make your skin even drier.
2. Use lip balms

Cracked and dry lips are extremely unappealing. Moreover, they contribute to creating an overall look of being sick or unwell. Using lip balms can be a great way to combat this. Vaseline is one of the most effective lip balms, though there are many others that have cosmetic effects such as lip tinting and plumping. Choose a simple balm that moisturises your lips and can be worn under your lipstick.

3. Do not rely on your heater too much

When you rely on your heater (or a fireplace) for warmth, you may end up damaging your skin even further. This is because heaters tend to kill the moisture in the air, and also dry up the skin. This can make your pores larger and can also worsen the texture of your skin. If you feel very cold, you can use a heater for a short while to warm up the room, and then switch it off. Stay bundled in your blanket or warm clothes to combat the cold.

4. Speak to a dermatologist

Generally, dry skin can be a temporary issue that goes away once you start taking care of it. However, if that does not happen, you should speak to your dermatologist. This is because your skin may be severely damaged and you may need prescription creams and ointments to make it feel and look much better.

Get that glowing skin that you so desire, consult a dermatologist today!­­

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