How I Got Rid Of My Acne By Following This Simple Routine

There are few rules that I religiously follow and that is the secret behind my clear glowing skin
Tip 1 – Drink plenty of water. Water helps skin hydration
Tip 2 – Do not touch your face with hair or fingers
Tip 3 – Remove makeup completely before going to bed, you can use baby oil for this purpose and then wash your face with luke warm water followed by your favourite moisturiser or you can simply apply some aloe vera gel
Tip 4 – apply aloe vera gel. You can apply aloe vera gel on your clean face 2-3 times every day. Aloe vera removes stains and irregularities from the face. Ice improves circulation and the skin tightens. Redness and swelling will be retreating and the acne will be less visible.
Tip 5 – Ice massage is also very helpful for your skin. Just massage 1 ice cube on your face for 5 minutes. Your skin will look much younger and it will glow also
Tip 6 – Take water steam for 5 minutes every alternate day, it will open your skin pores and will remove all dirt from your skin pores
Tip 7 – If you get any pimple, just apply mixture alba cream on that with help of ear bud. Mixtura alba relieves itching, redness and stimulates the maturation of the pimples.

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