H&M launch sustainable childrenswear collection with WWF

The second-largest polluter after oil – the fashion industry – is becoming more and more aware of how its processes affect both the environment and the people involved in the production process.

More and more big brands are coming up with better ways of producing the clothes that we buy and wear, including high street stores.

And this week, Swedish retailer H&M – which is known for its Conscious range – became the latest name to inspire people to care for the planet.

Joining forces with the World Wide Fund (WWF) – the world’s leading independent conservation organisation – H&M has launched a new childrenswear collection made entirely of sustainable materials.

With items available for babies and children up to 14-years-old, the collaboration includes everything from cosy sweatshirts and soft leggings, to fun hooded dresses made from organic cotton.

The best bit it is that 10 per cent from the sale of each item will be donated towards WWF’s conservation work. 

Sweatshirt, £9.99, H&M

“We only have one planet and we all need to team up to preserve it for generations to come,” says Anna Gedda, head of sustainability at H&M Group. 

“We believe in a sustainable future where fashion is made and consumed in a way that’s sustainable for the planet. We have an ambition to be fully circular, and as part of that we have set the goal to only use recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030”.

Sweatshirt, £9.99, H&M

WWF shares the same excitement for the collaboration with H&M and hopes that it will not only raise funds for conservation work, but also inspire a new generation of environmental champions.

“The collection stands testament to how it is possible to produce at scale clothing that is better for both the environment and little ones”, says David Bloch, head of corporate marketing partnerships, WWF International. 

Sweatshirt, £8.99, H&M

This isn’t the first time the two have come together though. Since 2011, H&M has been working in partnership with WWF to focus on water stewardship, climate action and sustainability strategy, with the aim of making H&M and the broader fashion industry more sustainable.

The Swedish retailer is also home to the Conscious Exclusive collection which, now in its seventh year, is designed to promote the use of recycled materials.

Hoodie, £14.99, H&M

H&M aside, there are a number of sustainable and ethical brands on the rise within the fashion industry that either offer whole collections or ranges within it that meet the credentials.

Fancy investing in some new glad rags that are kinder to the environment? Check out brands like Though, P.i.C Style, Finisterre and People Tree.

Sweatshirt, £9.99, H&M

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