Health of pancreas is necessary for good function of our organism, and here is how you can recognize and prevent pancreas disease!

Like every other organ, pancreas too, have important role in keeping theorganism healthy. And as every other organ it is susceptible to certain diseases, where some of them are leading to death.

Pancreas is one of vital organs without of which we can’t live. It is located in upper part of the abdomen and it is resting on first lumbar chest. It is separated in 3 parts – head, body and tale.

What is the function of the pancreas?

As one of the most important glands in human organism pancreas is consisted of 2 functional parts, endocrine and exocrine. Exocrine is in charge of secretion of clear, alkaline juice, rich in stomach enzymes. Endocrine function, in other hand, refers to Langerhans’s islands which are secreting insulin, glucagon, somatostatin and polipeptide into the blood.

What can disrupt normal function of this gland?

Inflammation and malign processes. Alcoholism is one of the main reasons of inflammation and it occurs when because of great amount of alcohol comes to self-cultivation of the pancreas because activated enzymes for digestion, instead of stomach are secreted in pancreas. Greasy food is another problem along with other unhealthy habits.

Male population is more threatened, and especially between 30 and 50 years of age, when alcohol is consumed the most. However, women are pretty much threatened, and it is something to take care about. The essence is that those who are consuming alcohol must know that it is not type of alcohol that is important but it’s amount. That means that daily intake of 50 to 150ml of ethanol can absolutely to endanger pancreas in period of two or three years.

What is the nature of pancreas tumor?

Exocrine pancreas tumors represent one of the most significant health problems of the modern world. They can be malignant and benign, where benign are more rare, and their healing can be managed by operation procedure. However, it is worrying fact that malign tumors of exocrine part leading cause of death. They are more often in men, and most often in period between 60 and 80 years of age.

We can make conclusion that what we drink and what we eat makes big difference between health and disease.

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