Gemini Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 7 – 1 3, 2021

No more hesitating, Twin! Which area of life have you wanted to hit the refresh button on? You get a chance to do just that this Thursday, June 10! The annual new moon in Gemini arrives as a supercharged solar eclipse and it has the power to catapult you into action. This is the second in a pair of eclipses to hit your sign since November 30, 2020, as part of a series on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis from June 5, 2020, to December 4, 2021. The past year has been unsettling in many ways, but oh, how you’ve grown! With your self-authorized first house getting hit with the eclipse’s seismic beams, you could shock everyone (yourself included) by making a move that no one saw coming. Of course, this isn’t about intentionally leaving jaws on the ground. The purpose is to pursue a game-changing opportunity that can send you sailing along a new—and independent—path.

If you need to break free from a complex entanglement, this is your moment. It’s one thing to be in partnership, Gemini, but if the flow of give and take is constantly in the other person’s favor, you won’t get another eclipse in your sign again after this until 2029. Even if you consciously uncouple or make a graceful exit, don’t drag your feet. Eclipses bring brief yet potent windows of opportunity, and stalling can cause you to miss out. Carpe diem!

Whatever trajectory the eclipse launches you toward, supportive community will be all around you. On Friday, Mars blasts into Leo and your community-spirited third house (AKA “the Gemini house”)—its first visit to this realm in two years! As the passionate planet lights a fire in this zone until July 29, reconnect with old friends and siblings. Local activity is highlighted during this seven-week transit, so deepen new relationships with folks you meet in your neighborhood. (Hello, hometown celeb!)

And since you won’t have to venture far to get your fix of fun, check out cool venues (re)opening close to home. Striking up random conversations could shine a light on the type of kindred spirits you’re seeking or, if you’re single, potential new partners. (Since the third house is more about platonic relationships, these connections may not be of a romantic nature.) But hey, Mars does crank up the lust! You might start off as friends, and then the red-hot planet could kick things up a notch. What better foundation for a romance than that? The third house rules all kinds of communication, including marketing. If “Brand Gemini” could stand a refresh, hire (or barter with) a professional writer, editor, designer or social media expert to polish things up.

Keep that backbone firm on Sunday, even if it takes some extra willpower. As the Gemini Sun gets hit by a disruptive beam from sacrificial Neptune, an authority figure could try to pull rank, or you might get unwittingly sucked into the role of the “responsible one.” Set clear limits—and don’t let anyone guilt-trip or intimidate you into doing something that goes against your personal values. For extra measure, don’t make plans with people you know to be needy or a hot mess. They’ll just be true to character, and you’ll wind up resenting them for dumping their issues on you. On a related note: Stay off of your work email this weekend, or you might get drawn into a project that could—and should—wait until Monday.

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