For the Love of Wrestling!

Often do we realize how much wresting really means to us. Day in and day out we go about our lives not knowing what the future Intel’s, but one thing is for sure and for certain, one thing we all have in common here? We love Wresting(Rassling)! The blood, sweat and tears. The sacrifices, the energy and the time we consume over our life span for the passion of Wrestling. There’s nothing like it! Life is not perfect. Hell, noone and nothing is for that matter. And never will be. But our misconception of perfection is our downfall and what we make of it is our uprising.

One of my best memories as a child was literally having the whole family over to watch wresting. No fighting, no in comparisons, no worries. That is my idea of perfection and one day I am hoping to pass that tradition along to my children in courtesy of helping them discover their happiness. Not only in Wrestling but also in life and precious time. Funny thing about time, it has a way of changing things. Wrestling will never be what it once was when I was a child but I’ll take it either way… Then, Now and Forever.. Any promotion the good, the bad and the mediocre. I’m here today to say I LOVE WRESTLING! Let me hear ya out there!?!

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