The presence of scars on the skin everyone tolerates differently, for some are meaningless, but for some represent an aesthetic problem and requires a million ways and treatments to remove them.

Currently there are many treatments, including cosmetic surgery to correct scars. But if you are among those who prefer natural treatments, then we offer you an amazing natural treatment, which is very easy to prepare and offers a huge number of benefits.

If you want to remove the scars, that make you feel uncomfortable, you’ll need the following:

¼ cup of Cocoa Butter
¼ of olive oil
One tablespoon of honey
Four drops of natural lavender oil

In a cooking pot, add the coconut oil, put on the stove top and turn on the heat. When coconut oil is completely melted, add the rest of the ingredients, and mix with a wooden spoon until you get homogeneous mixture. After that, turn off the heat and remove the pot to cool completely. When this process is done, place this mixture in the fridge for about 20 minutes.

It is very important to keep this cream in a airtight container. And, that’s it, you have your magic cream against all kind of scars. All you need to do, is to clean the wanted area, and apply directly on the scars or stretch marks.

You must apply this cream every day, both in the morning and evening, to get the desired results.

If you apply this cream daily on the affected area without skipping one day, you will see how in short time will achieve results and finally the scars will fade away.

Besides this treatment, we also recommend to continuously moisturize and hydrate the skin as outside and inside, because it improves its elasticity and helps in healing scars.

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