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Today, I want to show you my latest project – watercolored canvas shoes! I love white canvas shoes because the sky is the limit as to what you can do with them.

Pick up some white canvas shoes at your favorite store. I got mine at Target, but you can find them at Payless or online on Amazon. Be sure to take the shoelaces out.

DIY Watercolored Canvas ShoesStart painting them! I decided to stick to 3 colors (yellow, blue, red). I found it easiest to paint the pigment onto the shoes and then go back over the edges with a wet brush to allow the paint to merge together and soften the edges. If you want to be precise and neat about this, you may want to tape over the edges you don’t want to get paint onto. I didn’t do this though, because I actually don’t mind little imperfections.

DIY Watercolored Canvas ShoesOnce the colors looked good, I left them outside to dry for an hour. You may need to do a couple layers of paint to get a deep tone. I then decided to add a couple details to the back and front of the shoes. I used a Sharpie pen for the words on the front.

DIY Watercolored Canvas ShoesDIY Watercolored Canvas ShoesDIY Watercolored Canvas ShoesThere you have it! The one thing I wouldn’t recommend is wearing them if it rains!

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