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Trainer-Approved Sneakers For Your At-Home Workouts

For many, adapting to home workouts has meant exploring new exercise methods — and for some, new sneakers, too. That’s because your former gym routine may require different support than your living-room carpet, sidewalk, backyard, and nature-trail workouts do. Anyone in the market for a new sneaker to match their ever-changing lifestyle should consider versatile

Ways to Adjust Your Slider Technique For an Awesome Workout

Just because you’ve done planks and lunges before doesn’t mean you know how to do them with sliders — it’s that mindset that’ll lead you to an injury. Yes, sliders are great for adding resistance to core and leg exercises and stretching out your hips, Nick Bremer, a NASM-certified personal trainer with Blink Fitness, confirms

What CrossFit Gyms Can Do to Be More Inclusive & End Racism

Many gyms have ended their affiliation with the CrossFit brand due to a racist tweet made by former CEO Greg Glassman, among other racist comments (Glassman has since stepped down). In doing so, these gyms have definitely made a statement to CrossFit HQ, one that will surely hit them financially as it costs $3,000 a

Runner Latoya Snell Fundraisers For Black Organizations

Image Source: Courtesy of Latoya Shauntay Snell Sponsored athlete and writer Latoya Shauntay Snell started running in 2013. Her aim? Weight loss. What was supposed to be a single race turned into a lifestyle that she upheld not to shed pounds but to remain active and foster the sense of community she found. The longest