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What Is Orange Wine? | POPSUGAR Food

There’s red, white, and rosé wines, but have you heard about orange wine? Orange wine involves a very specific process of winemaking that involves fermenting the juice, skins, and seeds of white wine grapes together in a cement or ceramic vessel for up to a year. Due to the oxidation and naturally occurring fermentation, the

Target Has Red Wine Glass Raft Floats For Couples For Summer

Target is bringing together our top two summer joys: wine and pool floats. As we prep for warmer weather, there’s really nothing that sounds quite as delightful as chilling on the water with a full glass in hand. Luckily, the superstore is offering a two-pack of Inflatable Red Wine Glass Raft Floats ($34, originally $48),

Margarita Made With Wine | POPSUGAR Food

Those who have terrible tequila memories (say aye) or who simply want to shake up the traditional margarita, adding white wine instead of tequila to the ingredient list will instantly transform the drink. This frozen margarita-inspired cocktail is made with Pinot Grigio, orange juice concentrate, and lime juice, and is seriously fresh. The citrusy flavor

The Best Trader Joe’s Rose

There are countless ways to get your Rosé fix, from Rosé cocktails to Rosé-flavored strawberries, but nothing beats a good bottle — especially when it’s under $6! Trader Joe’s has an impressively large assortment of affordable Rosé, but deciding which bottle to choose can be tricky. Our editors took one for the team and taste-tested

Aldi’s Rancho La Gloria Strawberry and Lime Wine Margaritas

Sometimes a cocktail and some quiet time is all you need to imagine you’re on a tropical getaway, and Aldi is selling wine-based margaritas that have me ready to pack my imaginary bags for a trip straight to the refrigerator. Made by Rancho La Gloria, the fruity cocktails are available in the cold beverage section