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A Biracial Woman’s Experience Being Raised by White Parents

Carliyonna Thurber, a 24-year-old biracial woman who grew up in Long Valley, NJ, never seriously considered her race as a child. Adopted as an infant by white parents, Carliyonna spent her formative years attending school and making friends in a town that is 90 percent white. While reflecting on the demonstrations taking place around the

Billy Porter on White Privilege and the Trump Administration

Image Source: Instagram user theebillyporter In a candid video shared to his Instagram account on Thursday, Pose star Billy Porter spoke about the heartbreaking realities of being a member of both the Black community and the LGBTQ+ community in America. In the powerful video, Billy opened up about the hate, oppression, and inequity he faces

How to Explain White Privilege to Working Class Americans

In 2020, with the tragic deaths of Black men playing out on the evening news and protests against police brutality taking place in cities across the country, it’s hard to understand how anyone could deny the existence of white privilege. But in conversations with friends and loved ones, I’ve learned that there are still many

Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Allison Holker White Privilege TikTok

Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Allison Holker are shedding a light on the unequal distribution of privilege in America. The So You Think You Can Dance couple used their popular TikTok presence to break down the disparity between Black and white experiences by participating in the “Check Your Privilege” challenge. The audio from user @boss_bigmamma prompts

Spaghetti With Garlic White Wine Sauce Recipe

Allow me, a serious pasta fanatic, to introduce you to my favorite pasta recipe. Olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, lemon, white wine, thyme, parmesan cheese, and a pinch of happy tears join forces to create a boldly flavored sauce that comes together in mere minutes. If you’ve got all the ingredients on hand, you’re

Books About Racism White People Should Read

Throughout this last week of May, protesters across America have demanded justice for the continued acts of fatal violence against Black Americans. In the wake of George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police — which followed the recent shootings of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Tony McDade — many people are asking what they can do

Are Nina Dobrev and Shaun White Dating?

In celebrity relationship news we didn’t see coming, Nina Dobrev and Shaun White might be dating. Social distancing has been putting relationships to the test, but what about individuals who went on dates shortly before the lockdown? Do you isolate together, à la The Bachelor‘s Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan? Or is it more realistic

How to Talk to Your Kids About White Privilege

White privilege is a topic you might be hearing a lot about lately, mostly due to the hatred and violence that, sadly, occur in this country so often. But while it might seem like a new term to some, it’s been alive and well for centuries, whether you’ve chosen to acknowledge it or not. So

Kylie Jenner Wears White Bodysuit and Booties on Instagram

While you’ve probably tested out a dozen outfit combos for Zoom meetings at this point, I’ve found the most helpful piece of advice is to aim for business on top and casual on bottom. For me, this usually means a simple T-shirt paired with my favorite slouchy sweatpants. For Kylie Jenner, it apparently means a