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6 Natural Ways to Fight Varicose and Spider Veins

More than 20% of adults have varicose veins. Varicose veins can be caused by hormonal imbalance, prolonged standing, pregnancy, nutritional deficiency, excessive weight or genetics. You need to treat varicose veins as soon as you notice them because if they’re not treated, they can cause heaviness, pain and itching. You don’t have to spend tons

Seven ways to shake off the winter cold including soup, lemon peel and vitamin D

Scientists are getting closer to a cure for the common cold – but ­until then it is down to us to square up to the sniffles. Coughs and chills accounts for 27million sick days off work each autumn and winter. Researchers in California aim to put an end to that, after ­pin-pointing a protein that

6 Ways Coconut Oil Helps You Lose Weight

Outstanding amongst other “super nourishments” for weight reduction is coconut oil. It has numerous advantages and legitimately influences the body’s capacity to shred the additional fat. Its impact has been demonstrated through logical research and has a long history of utilization by tropical societies around the globe. From better ability to burn calories to hormone

5 Ways Stress Can Cause Weight Gain

You’ve revamped your lifestyle, yet still, the scale is stuck. Have you addressed your stress? It may seem like a stretch, but hear us out. Stress is often thought of as emotional tension, though it’s effect on the physical body, and potentially weight, is just as prominent.  A little stress is good in life. It