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Underrated Comedy Movies on Netflix in 2020

More so than ever, a hearty laugh can’t hurt. If you’re itching for new chuckles after watching Bridesmaids for the hundredth time, Netflix has an ever-expanding library full of underrated comedies. Whether you’re partial to the swoon-worthy kisses in rom-coms or the raunchy escapades in wacky romps, there’s really something for everyone. Got two or

17 Underrated Disney Movies You Can Watch on Disney+

As I powered through Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and other Disney classics when I was a kid, I also found myself enchanted by movies that have since been lost amid the ever-expanding collection of princesses and talking animal sidekicks. Meet the Robinsons, Sky High and The Great Mouse Detective are just

Underrated Movies on Netflix | POPSUGAR Entertainment

It’s easy to fall into Netflix habits of watching your same favorites over and over again or never exploring beyond the big buzzy titles on the front page. Beyond those popular titles, though, are a ton of underrated movies on Netflix that definitely deserve your attention. Whether they’re older movies that you haven’t thought about