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Adam Sandler’s Daughter Sunny on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Adam Sandler’s 11-year-old daughter, Sunny, doesn’t hold back! In a hilarious interview for Jimmy Kimmel Live, Adam shared a story about how Sunny delicately pointed out that he had hair growing out of his ears. Um, yikes! Fortunately, Sunny was there to save her dad from embarrassment. “I wanted to tell you a quick thing

Tips For Keeping Kids Motivated While Homeschooling

Now that social-distancing orders — and by extension, homeschooling — are in full swing, parents are finding themselves playing teacher while also holding down full-time jobs. Although there are a lot of perils that come with virtual learning — technical difficulties with Zoom, anyone?! — making sure your children stay on track educationally is a

Best Gifts For Tween and Preteen Girls in 2020

Not little kids, but not quite teens, tweens can be a difficult group to please when it comes to shopping. But not to worry, because with our list of gifts, you’re sure to get a smile from the biggest kids (but don’t call them that!) in your life. Whether you have a sports fanatic or