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Netflix’s The English Game True Story

Even if you’re not a Downton Abbey fan, it’s hard not to enjoy Netflix’s new historical sports drama, The English Game. Penned by Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes, this six-part miniseries tells the story of how football (or, as Americans call it, soccer) came to be the most-played sport across the world, focusing on the

Netflix Original TV Shows Based on True Stories

Netflix’s original content library includes some incredible TV shows based on true stories, and there’s something for everyone in this selection! Along with a slew of documentary shows and harrowing true crime investigations, Netflix’s originals also include semifictionalized depictions of some of the biggest events and figures in history and true stories you might never

Tiger King: Where Is John Finlay Now? 2020

Tiger King‘s John Finlay has already become a meme for his bizarre appearance during the documentary, but if you’re wondering where Finlay is now, you might be surprised! The tattoo-laden “younger man” who worked for and married Joe Exotic actually seems to have moved along with his life and is living far from his tangled-up

How Does The Magicians End?

The Magicians has officially come to an end. On Wednesday night, the series wrapped up its fifth and final season in an action-packed finale. With Fillory collapsing in on itself, the group uses a magical seed to create a new world for everyone to be transported to. It mostly goes off without a hitch, but