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Jeffrey Epstein Life and Crimes Timeline

Millionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein, the center of Netflix’s documentary Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, led a mysterious and yet completely public life. The native New Yorker, who was 66 when he died in 2019, kept details of his private life private but ran in high-profile social circles — which is where he allegedly brought many underage

Is Space Force on Netflix a True Story?

Image Source: Netflix It’s a been big year for the United States Space Force (USSF), which is now categorized as the sixth branch of the armed forces. Not only were they officially established as a new military branch, but also found themselves as inspiration behind Netflix’s newest parody series, unsurprisingly called Space Force. The comedy

When Will Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich Be on Netflix?

This month, Netflix is premiering Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich about the life and crimes of the billionaire financier who has made repeated headlines for the past decade for molestation and sex-trafficking accusations against him. Though there have been countless conspiracy theories surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death since late last year, Netflix’s documentary will shift more of

Trial by Media: Where Is Geoffrey Fieger Now in 2020?

Netflix’s docuseries Trial by Media dives deep into infamous American crime cases using the lens of public opinion. The show’s first episode follows the 1995 murder of Scott Amedure after his gay-crush confession on The Jenny Jones Show. One of the biggest players in the courtroom drama that followed was Geoffrey Fieger, a high-profile attorney

Hollywood: The Real Locations From Netflix’s Show

Ryan Murphy might have reimagined 1940s Tinseltown in Netflix’s Hollywood, but the miniseries does feature actual historic locations — or at least very detailed replicas and dupes of them. As real as Rock Hudson and Hattie McDaniel were places such as director George Cukor’s home, where industry insiders attended lavish parties, and Shrine Auditorium, where

Hollywood: Did Rock Hudson Ever Get Married?

Hollywood icon Rock Hudson gets a new twist on his history in Netflix’s Hollywood. If you’re wondering whether the real Rock Hudson ever got married, you’re in for a sad answer. Despite being gay, Hudson did get married in the 1950s. Although Hollywood gives him a much happier romance, the real Hudson’s marriage was disastrous

Hollywood: Peg Entwistle’s Death True Story

Peg Entwistle, the actress at the center of Ryan Murphy’s latest show, Hollywood, has a tragically true story that goes beyond what was mentioned in the Netflix hit. While the British actress who jumped to her death from the Hollywoodland sign was the main character in Archie’s (Jeremy Pope) screenplay, aptly titled Peg and then