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Dreamy White Christmas Tree – Lolo Eats

Growing up in California I was always dreaming of a white Christmas. I remember one year it was literally freezing cold on Christmas Eve and my sweet mother put a sprinkler on that night to surprise us. We woke up to everything covered in sparkling white crystally ice.  It was beautiful and I will never

10 Reasons You Should Put Tea Tree Oil On Your Skin Right Now

Tea tree oil is produced by the Melaleuca tree, native to Australia. This oil is definitely the most extensively researched essential oil, due to its endless number of uses. According to the University of Sydney, the Native Aboriginals used its healing powers to treat skin conditions years before the renowned chemist Arthur Penfold discovered its

Grow Your Avocado Tree At Home In A Pot

Avocados are everywhere these days and this unique fruit has a reputation for being high in healthy fats, beneficial for our heart. Studies have confirmed its numerous health benefits. Avocados are part of most recipes in multiple restaurants now for its great flavor and rich texture. This superfruit has a high nutrient value and contains

Thanksgiving Tree – Lolo Eats

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought to bring you a new idea for your family!! I just couldn’t resist waiting and saving this project for next year. I had so much fun making our Thanksgiving Tree from fallen leaves in my yard, and I had to share this with you. The supplies are