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Stress-Relieving Toys to Add to Your Work-From-Home Desk

My roommate is that chatty person in the office, my WiFi loves ghosting me, and my dog’s chew toy of choice is our new rug — all reasons I’m seconds away from a work-from-home induced meltdown. After contemplating dramatically flipping my desk (a reaction inspired by my latest The Real Housewives binge), I reach for

Why I Keep My Fitness Routine Separate From Social Media

My social media behavior has been very uncharacteristic as of late — I’ve been sharing a glimpse of my at-home workout routine. Besides some pictures of a pool’s glassy surface or a boomerang of my shoes hitting the pavement, I don’t regularly document my own fitness journey in great detail on social media. To be

15-Minute Relaxing Yoga Sequence For Stress Relief

When you’re stressed, worried, or anxious, your body and mind can feel tense and agitated. Taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and stretch your body can make a huge difference in helping to improve your mood, making you feel lighter, calmer, and more emotionally balanced. If you could use a little break from the

Moving in With My Parents Made Me a Morning Workout Person

I never imagined that moving home to social distance with my parents would push me to become the morning person I’ve always failed to be. And I certainly didn’t expect that accomplishment to stem from a disagreement over the best time to eat dinner. You see, my parents follow a strict 6 p.m. dinner routine,

Try This Daily At-Home Yoga Flow to Help Ease Your Arthritis

If you have arthritis, committing to a daily yoga practice could help ease some stiffness and pain brought on by inflammation in your joints. According to Dr. Loren Fishman, MD — the medical director at Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and a certified yoga instructor — yoga produces potent calming proteins in cells, which can

Best Essential Oils For Stress Relief

Whenever we’re feeling stressed, we like to relax by watching a movie or doing puzzles. If you’re extremely stressed out, talking to someone about how you’re feeling, journaling, and creating a self-care routine also helps. Aromatherapy may also help you relieve stress and feel more calm. The research is unclear on how effective aromatherapy is,

How I’m Focusing on My Mental Health While Social Distancing

I’ve never had more free time than I do right now. For almost two months, I’ve stayed at home in my New York City apartment with just my two cats, avoiding any kind of exposure to COVID-19. I’m barely working, and I’ve hardly gone outside. But instead of focusing my energy on a new hobby