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The Best Celebrity Swimwear Moments to See and Shop in 2020

These days, the celebrity style we follow is pretty limited to outdoor poolside ‘grams and TikTok, but we’re really not complaining. We love seeing everyone’s stay home style. Especially as we gradually welcome summer with open arms, we’re all in need of some bikinigrams to inspire cute indoor/outdoor looks, most of which involve a swimsuit

Family Summer Bucket List While Staying at Home

Just because much of this summer is likely going to be spent at home, doesn’t mean it can’t be a summer to remember! Every year, we like to come up with a family bucket list to cross off as the warm months unfold, so this year, we’re bringing you a special *mostly* at-home version of

Why Children Might Face Sleep Regression During Coronavirus

Given the uncertainty of the pandemic, it’s no surprise that many children are experiencing some form of sleep regression. Although it can be frustrating — and often straight-up exhausting — for parents, it can be remedied with a bit of persistence. Thankfully, Lauren Wolf, a certified infant and child sleep consultant with Lolo Lullaby, gave

I’m Giving Up Bedtime Schedules With My Kids Because It’s Just Not Worth It Right Now

Life while social distancing has been nothing short of difficult, and when you throw kids into the mix, things gets even murkier. After two full months of sheltering in place, I’ve come to an epiphany of sorts about what things to keep up with and which to simply let go of. At the beginning, I

Why I’m Letting My Kids Eat More Sugar During COVID-19

My son has picked up a love of baking while being homeschooled, and eating all of those sweets is something I’m choosing not to care about. Our isolating life has been far from perfect, but my kids have found themselves learning to love new hobbies — something they didn’t have the time for before. My

What Day-Care Centers Will Look Like Amid Coronavirus

Although most parents around the nation are still without childcare, plans to reopen day-care facilities are underway. Many, in fact, have remained open in order to serve the children of essential workers. Other businesses that haven’t been shuttered by a lack of revenue following more than eight weeks of lockdown orders, are scrambling to set

Simone Manuel Talks Training For Postponed Olympics

It seems like almost everyone has settled into a new sense of normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And, that applies to athletes training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, who were hit with another unique setback when the Games were officially postponed one full year. While some have taken time off from training and focused on

New Mom Comics Social Distancing With Family Cartoons

Alison Wong of New Mom Comics began creating cartoons about her life as a mom in 2015, after her son was born, and since the coronavirus pandemic began, has pivoted her comics to represent this time in a humorous and relatable way. “Early in March, when the COVID pandemic was just starting out, I switched

Kristen Bell on Why She Stopped Homeschooling Her Daughter

Sure, experts have warned parents that giving up on homeschooling is the wrong answer right now, but even we are ready to tell Kristen Bell to call it when it comes to trying to teach anything to her youngest kid. During an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, the mom of two admitted

Teacher’s Emotional Photo From Cleaning Up Her Classroom

For Ally Seago, a mom and teacher, packing up her classroom before the year is truly over feels like a punch to the gut. After taking a photo of herself on a timer while cleaning up, she discovered that her phone took extra photos — including the one above. She then shared her feelings in