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Follow the Cast of Netflix’s Blood & Water on Social Media

If you’re like us and you just finished binge-watching Blood and Water on Netflix, you probably can’t wait to follow the talented cast on social media. Luckily, we went ahead and did the work for you by stalking rounding up the gang’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. Whether you want to scroll through Ama Qamata’s gorgeous

New Mom Comics Social Distancing With Family Cartoons

Alison Wong of New Mom Comics began creating cartoons about her life as a mom in 2015, after her son was born, and since the coronavirus pandemic began, has pivoted her comics to represent this time in a humorous and relatable way. “Early in March, when the COVID pandemic was just starting out, I switched

Why I’m Grateful to Be Single During Social Distancing

When Los Angeles County first announced a stay-at-home order was going into effect in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, I immediately felt a sense of panic run through my body. What would this mean for me, my roommates, and my life as a single woman going forward? The fearless, independent version of myself slipped

How I’m Focusing on My Mental Health While Social Distancing

I’ve never had more free time than I do right now. For almost two months, I’ve stayed at home in my New York City apartment with just my two cats, avoiding any kind of exposure to COVID-19. I’m barely working, and I’ve hardly gone outside. But instead of focusing my energy on a new hobby

How Editors Practice Self-Care During Social Distancing

We’re almost through with week two of social distancing — although that timeline is a little different for everyone — and it’s safe to say it’s been quite the adjustment. Naturally, we’re going through a stressful period and spending an increased amount of time indoors doesn’t help, but many of us are trying to make

Trey Kennedy Video Family Members as Social Media Platforms

Trey Kennedy, the comedian behind videos spoofing things like what moms are like, how couples are during social distancing, and the difference between introverts and extroverts, is at it again with another hilarious take. This time around, he’s reimagining what family members would be like if they were each a designated social media platform. Obviously,

Hilary Duff on Parenting While Social Distancing

For Hilary Duff, parenting her two children — Luca, 8, and Banks, 1 — while social distancing has been a roller coaster. Like many parents right now, the 32-year-old mother of two has been oscillating between feeling grateful, and, well, downright tired. She opened up about what the last few weeks have been like for

Photos of Big Poppa the Bulldog Sad About Social Distancing

Big Poppa, a Bulldog pup who normally has a vibrant social life, isn’t taking the physical distancing orders all that well. On April 21, his owner, Rashida Ellis, snapped a glum photo of him sitting on their patio. As soon as she shared it to Twitter, the image received a ton of fanfare, because honestly,