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The Best Coat Racks For Small Spaces on Amazon

I love almost everything about my apartment, with one notable exception, the closet space. I’ve yet to meet a person who truly feels like they have enough room for their clothes, but the biggest issue I have, without question, is storing winter coats. When the temperature dips and I have to start breaking them out,

Moving In With Partner Amid COVID Personal Essay

Before my girlfriend moved in to my NYC apartment with me and my two roommates in March, there were lots of things to look forward to before finding our own place in July: eating our way through Brooklyn, galavanting along the Turquoise Coast, uncovering where each other stands on the issue of how to properly

5-Day Apartment Cleaning Challenge | POPSUGAR Home

Call me crazy, but there’s something about a thorough deep clean that really makes me happy. Of course, keeping up with the little things like sweeping and dishes is important and makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your apartment, but going that extra mile to eradicate grime from the less-noticed spots