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Lifestyle Changes That’ll Boost Your Brain Power

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is like wearing a helmet throughout life: it’s the first line of defense when protecting your brain. While there is “no silver bullet for promoting brain power,” setting good social, physical, and nutritional habits is the key to promoting cognitive wellness, says Dr. Jennie Valles, MD, a neurologist in Burke Rehabilitation

Is Blue Light Bad For Sleep?

As dedicated as I’m trying to be about my yearlong goal of getting better sleep, one habit I can’t seem to kick is using tech before bed. I’m a big fan of binging YouTube videos, catching up on The Bachelor, and reading news stories from my comfy bed. Sometimes I’ll be working late. Other times

Why You Might Have a Headache After Taking Melatonin

While sleep aids like melatonin shouldn’t be taken long-term, there’s no denying its power to help you get through a particularly rough patch of sleeplessness or even jet lag. As with any supplement or medicine, though, you might experience side effects while taking melatonin. POPSUGAR asked doctors about melatonin-induced headaches, specifically. Here’s what you need

Switching Up Your Alarm Sound Could Ease Your Morning Stress

In my mind, there have always been two types of people: those who rise at dawn, hit the gym, and enjoy coffee in peace, and night owls like me, who jolt awake at the sound of their alarm and frantically race out the door every day, breakfast in hand. That was until I spoke with

Will Quitting Coffee Help You Sleep?

I started drinking coffee when I was 17 years old. Actually, it was a french vanilla cappuccino from a gas station vending machine, and it was my jam. Then came college, followed by my first magazine job (which consisted of really long days when we were approaching deadline), and my caffeine intake slowly transformed from

The Best CBD Products for Sleep According to Industry Pros

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m one of the last people they’d expect to get excited about CBD or cannabis products. It’s not because I’m anti or judge anyone who uses them — you do you! It’s simply been one of those categories that feels like another “thing” I don’t necessarily