Skin Care

Face pack from Fruits

Face pack / Face Mask Face pack or face mask can be applied as a paste or cream that sets directly on to the skin. Face pack is used for various purpose such as soften the skin, moisturize, lighten skin color, refresh the skin, deep cleanse and refine the pores and stimulate the circulation. Natural ingredients are used as fresh ...

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Royal Jelly Health Benefits

Royal jelly health benefits seem to be the same as that of bee pollen which normally sells for a much lower price. Royal jelly is a creamy white liquid that is used to feed baby bees the first couple of days of their lives and is the exclusive food that the queen bee eats.  This bee product also called bee’s ...

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American’s Can Have Laser Hair Removal

YES—- AFRICIAN AMERICAN’S CAN HAVE LASER HAIR REMOVAL DONE, SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY WITH A YAG LASER- Both Men and Women are getting all different hair removal services on the unwanted hair on their bodies. What hair or area of you body would you like to be smooth and hair free? No two people are the same but for Lance (below) ...

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