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Black-Owned Swimwear Brands to Shop in 2020

If you’re on the hunt for a new swimsuit this summer, these Black-owned swimwear brands have you covered. Each one has its own unique aesthetic and a background story worth celebrating, all of which you’ll learn about ahead. From Andrea Iyamah’s artistic, statement-making bikinis to MissesBrie’s curve-flattering one-pieces, there’s something for everyone, no matter what

Black-Owned Jewelry Brands to Shop in 2020

In the wake of George Floyd’s killing and amid nationwide protests for racial justice, many are looking for ways to step up and advocate for the Black community. Consciously spending in solidarity and regularly shopping at Black-owned businesses is a solid place to start. After highlighting many of our favorite home decor, beauty, and fashion

Shop Black-Owned Beauty Brands on Amazon

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement happening across the country, supporting Black-owned businesses is more important than ever. An easy way you can support Black-owned beauty brands — right now and always — is by looking on Amazon, which has a number of options to try for hair care, makeup, and more, that

The Best Celebrity Swimwear Moments to See and Shop in 2020

These days, the celebrity style we follow is pretty limited to outdoor poolside ‘grams and TikTok, but we’re really not complaining. We love seeing everyone’s stay home style. Especially as we gradually welcome summer with open arms, we’re all in need of some bikinigrams to inspire cute indoor/outdoor looks, most of which involve a swimsuit

Shop Safe + Fair’s Drizzled Birthday Cake Popcorn

As someone with more than a few food allergies, finding a premade snack that’s delicious but won’t upset my stomach later can be . . . a challenge. Made with common food allergies in mind, Safe + Fair’s line of drizzled popcorn flavors might just be my new go-to for when I’m craving something sweet

Shop SinfulColors’ Cheese Puff, Pizza, and Cake Nail Polish

If you’re a fan of cheese puffs, you’ll know that “Cheeto fingers” are a messy (but tasty) phenomenon, but SinfulColors’s new snack-themed nail polishes take the term to a whole new level. The drugstore nail polish brand’s new Sweet and Salty collection features six nail polishes inspired by some of our favorite convenience store snacks,

Shop Truly’s Summer Friday Hard Seltzer Calendar

Summer Fridays should be classified as their own separate eighth day of the week, if you ask me. Warm, lazy, and somehow longer than any other Friday of the year, these days call for some chill time on the front porch with an ice-cold drink in hand, and Truly Hard Seltzer’s new Summer Fridays Calendar

Shop The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Mystery Books

Mysteries have always been my favorite book genre. As a kid who grew up watching Wishbone, Scooby-Doo, and reading the entire Nancy Drew catalogue, I pretty much soaked up any mystery I could get my hands on. That includes all 10 of the The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley books. Based off of the musical