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Here’s Why Gardening Is My New at-Home Workout of Choice

According to my Instagram feed, everyone is on an at-home workout kick — and I can’t relate. Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to leave my tiny apartment in Manhattan behind to self-isolate with my parents in Massachusetts. Since then, my routine consists of taking my dog for a walk after work, returning to

Baking Is My Biggest Stress-Reliever During Hard Times

Baking, put quite simply, makes me happy. Like cooking, I hate the cleanup, but ending up with a delicious sweet treat is pretty much enough to make it all worth it. I love to bake any time — for special occasions, to take goodies to work, when I’m with my mom — but maybe the

How to Reduce Stress From the Coronavirus News Cycle

Whether you follow entertainment, sports, or politics, every headline right now is about one thing and one thing only: the coronavirus. COVID-19 has sickened thousands across the globe, and for those of us who are fortunate enough to be healthy, it has drastically changed the way we live. It’s hard to escape the harsh realities

5 Tips For Getting Rid of That Cooped-Up Energy

Given how important social distancing is right now, it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be pacing around my apartment in full cooped-up mode. Instead of stocking my queue with more Disney+ shows, I’ve added a few at-home events to my calendar that’ll revitalize my energy after hours spent working from the couch. Maximizing