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Watch Trey Kennedy’s TIkTok School Parody Video

Ever wonder what TikTok actually stands for? According to Trey Kennedy, it’s an abbreviation for “Totally Inappropriate Kids Thirst-Trapping Others Knowingly,” and we’re inclined to believe him. A comedian with loads of hysterical parody videos, Trey recently shared a skit titled “TikTok School,” in which he teaches the ins and outs of the wildly popular

Harry Potter High School Dance Team’s Homecoming Routine

This ain’t your typical Yule Ball, folks. Back in 2018, the students of Arizona’s Walden Grove High School were at it again when they took us to Hogwarts with yet another viral dance sensation, and we’re still thinking about it. It seemed nearly impossible to top the dance team’s Wizard of Oz-themed homecoming performance from

Teacher’s Emotional Photo From Cleaning Up Her Classroom

For Ally Seago, a mom and teacher, packing up her classroom before the year is truly over feels like a punch to the gut. After taking a photo of herself on a timer while cleaning up, she discovered that her phone took extra photos — including the one above. She then shared her feelings in

How I’m Honoring My Kid’s Last Day of School Amid COVID-19

The last day of school will certainly be different this year. We won’t be patiently waiting outside the doors of the school building to whisk up our kids with congratulatory hugs and kisses. We won’t be wiping away the tears as they bid farewell to the teachers who have nurtured and supported our children for

Tom Hanks’s Wright State 2020 Graduation Speech | Video

Image Source: Getty / Kevork Djansezian In addition to delivering an epic Saturday Night Live monologue and joining Michelle Obama’s #VotingSquad, America’s dad, Tom Hanks, has recently been instilling hope in people across the country as we all continue to adjust to life amid the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, the graduating class of 2020 from

Course Review: Yale’s The Science of Well-Being on Coursera

If you’re in the house and looking for something to do, I’m all about finding hobbies that make you feel like the best version of yourself. Whether that’s sewing, baking, or working out, it feels really good to be productive and get something done. A friend of mine told me about a course called The