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Angelina Jolie Red Carpet Style

We’re taking a closer look at one of Hollywood’s most celebrated — and beautiful — actress’s style evolution. Since Angelina Jolie has grown up in the public eye, we’ve seen her morph from girl to gothic princess to red carpet queen. The current Angelina impresses us regularly with her affinity for thigh-high Atelier Versace gowns,

What lockdown is doing to your periods – and ‘red flag’ you need to look out for

The lockdown has been tough on people emotionally and mentally. People are stuck indoors all day, sometimes miles away from the people they love most. But what is it doing to us physically? Dr Shree Datta, a gynaecologist with Intimina, tells the Mirror what impact the lockdown is having on women’s menstrual cycles and periods. She explains

Noom’s Guide to Healthy, Shelf-Stable Red, Yellow, and Green Foods

Author: Noom Coaching Team “If I can’t get my hands on fresh foods, there’s no way I can eat a healthy diet!” While our bodies thrive on fresh, nutrient-dense foods, we might not always have access to these. Popular to contrary belief, prepared or prepackaged food isn’t synonymous with unhealthy, and there are plenty of

Sonic Drive-In Has Red Bull Watermelon Slushes For Summer

Sonic Drive-In is responsible for a few of our favorite treat concoctions, but its Red Bull Summer Edition Watermelon Slush might be the most energizing yet. The food chain recently debuted the new flavor (and brought back the fan-favorite Red Bull Slush) just in time for summer, and patrons are already slurping away. Although the

Target Has Red Wine Glass Raft Floats For Couples For Summer

Target is bringing together our top two summer joys: wine and pool floats. As we prep for warmer weather, there’s really nothing that sounds quite as delightful as chilling on the water with a full glass in hand. Luckily, the superstore is offering a two-pack of Inflatable Red Wine Glass Raft Floats ($34, originally $48),

Cate Blanchett’s Most Elegant Red Carpet Style Moments

Cate Blanchett has always been a minimal style queen. Even in the ’90s, when fellow up-and-coming actors were finding their fashion bearings, Cate had already mastered her personal style. The reason she always looks so elegant on the red carpet is because of a winning combination: her go-to color palette that complements her skin, hair,