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Coconut Cherry Smoothie Recipe – Beauty Bites

If there’s something wrong with you and cherries on their own, as perfect as they are, aren’t good enough for you, here’s a coconut cherry smoothie recipe you’re very likely to love. Well, who knows, you’re obviously hard to please. But you might like this refreshing healthy smoothie for breakfast, dessert or a snack. Coconut

Chrissy Teigen’s Chicken Pot Pie Soup Recipe

After making this recipe, you’ll understand why Chrissy Teigen calls herself the soup master. It’s everything you love about chicken pot pie — rich, hearty, creamy — but it’s way easier to make, and the crust . . . the crust crackers are beyond. They’re flaky, buttery pie crust crackers that you use to scoop

Quick Baked Chicken Breast Recipe

Finding an easy chicken recipe is no small feat, especially with the time and effort some cookbooks require. Luckily, we put together one of the simplest and fastest baked chicken recipes of all time. With only five ingredients, this meal can be whipped together any night of the week. Bumping up the oven temperature slashes

Spaghetti With Garlic White Wine Sauce Recipe

Allow me, a serious pasta fanatic, to introduce you to my favorite pasta recipe. Olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, lemon, white wine, thyme, parmesan cheese, and a pinch of happy tears join forces to create a boldly flavored sauce that comes together in mere minutes. If you’ve got all the ingredients on hand, you’re

Copycat Disney Michelada Recipe | POPSUGAR Food

There are very few things that beat walking around Disneyland and sipping on a cold drink while enjoying that California sunshine. And while there are so many delicious cocktails at the parks to choose from, we do have a few favorites that have remained over the years. One of them? The michelada! This refreshing and

Acai Bowl With Berries and Banana Recipe

At first, I was a major acai bowl skeptic. Quite simply, I didn’t get the hype. What could be so great about a smoothie you eat from a bowl? But that’s the thing: this seemingly minor change-up is exactly what makes it special. As for how it tastes, purply-pink acai powder is at once tangy

Shake Shack Sauce Recipe | POPSUGAR Food

Image Source: Amazon Every burger joint is known for its famed “secret sauce” recipe that no outsiders are allowed to know, and Shake Shack’s “Shack Sauce” is no exception. When I got my hands on the stunning cookbook Shake Shack: Recipes & Stories by Randy Garutti and Mark Rosati, I couldn’t help but wonder what