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Stars Whose Real Names Will Surprise You

One thing that’s never gone out of style with celebrities? Cultivating a unique persona with the help of a stage name. Even today, as social media influences celebrities to be more authentic and accessible, new stars have traded their names for shorter or more-memorable zingers. While some completely wipe the slate clean (we’re looking at

Hollywood: The Real Locations From Netflix’s Show

Ryan Murphy might have reimagined 1940s Tinseltown in Netflix’s Hollywood, but the miniseries does feature actual historic locations — or at least very detailed replicas and dupes of them. As real as Rock Hudson and Hattie McDaniel were places such as director George Cukor’s home, where industry insiders attended lavish parties, and Shrine Auditorium, where

Who Are the Real People on Netflix’s Hollywood?

If you haven’t been able to stop thinking about Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood, you aren’t alone. While the fictional characters are the main focus, it wouldn’t be a show about Old Hollywood without appearances from real-life stars like Rock Hudson, Hattie McDaniel, and Anna May Wong. Instead of portraying Old Hollywood as it’s been seen a

Hollywood: Was the Gas Station Real? Here’s the True Story

Netflix’s Hollywood puts a new spin on old Hollywood, with plotlines that never could have happened in real life. One, though, did: the famous gas station in Hollywood is real — or, at least, based on reality. In the show, a very special gas station serves as a cover for a very different kind of