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Having Black Friends Doesn’t Make You Antiracist — Do More

If you’ve ever said, “I’m not racist! I have Black friends,” you might need to rethink what it means to be a friend. As someone who’s been the token Black friend on multiple occasions, that phrase has always been problematic to me. It made me question a lot of my own friends for some time,

Books About Race on College Campuses

Joining the fight against racial injustice starts with listening to Black voices, sharing resources, and fully educating yourself on the systemic issues that affect Black people. Racism on college campuses affects everyone, and it’s important for all students to acknowledge that non-Black students benefit from a system that has discriminated against Black students. From specific

A Biracial Woman’s Experience Being Raised by White Parents

Carliyonna Thurber, a 24-year-old biracial woman who grew up in Long Valley, NJ, never seriously considered her race as a child. Adopted as an infant by white parents, Carliyonna spent her formative years attending school and making friends in a town that is 90 percent white. While reflecting on the demonstrations taking place around the

Black Mom Talks With Daughter About Police Brutality

Michelle D. Garrett, a blogger and the founder of Divas With a Purpose, recently opened up about a sobering conversation she had with her 8-year-old daughter, Veronica, about police brutality in America. In a powerful Facebook post, she explained how nervous Veronica became when she heard her mom was going to the grocery store. “Yesterday

André 3000’s Political Slogan Shirts For Black Lives Matter

Outkast’s André Benjamin (or André 3000, as we know him) is taking us back to 2014 with the political slogans he used to sport on his jumpsuits during performances. The rapper and actor created a website — aptly titled — where he’s selling 13 different long-sleeved T-shirts that feature his own memorable sayings like

Black Therapists Need to Prioritize Their Mental Health

When it comes to the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the list of Black Americans who we can continue to name, licensed professional counselor Monica E. Jackson, PhD, told POPSUGAR that it brings up a feeling of trauma for the Black community, herself included. It’s a “legacy of trauma” that goes

Walmart to Stop Locking Up Black Beauty Products

As consumers continue to hold large brands accountable for their role in upholding discriminatory policies, Walmart has confirmed that it will no longer lock up its selection of “multicultural hair care and beauty products” in display cases. The retail giant announced the change on June 10 shortly after a Black shopper criticized the practice in

Watch Kerry Washington Discuss Race Education For Kids

Kerry Washington, Little Fires Everywhere actress and mom of two, recently spoke about both the importance of democracy and of teaching children a much more extended version of Black history in a virtual interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. After discussing the role that privilege plays in society, she explained how she’s working hard to talk

The Bachelor Fans Campaign For More BIPOC Inclusion in Shows

40 seasons, 18 years, and one Black lead. If those statistics sound familiar to you, you’re probably a fan of The Bachelor. It’s also the phrase at the center of a recent campaign launched by a group of fans who are tired of the franchise’s blatant lack of diversity and are demanding change. Titled, The