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How to Prevent Lower-Back Pain During Push-Ups

Let’s hear it for push-ups — they’re an amazing tool for sculpting triceps, they don’t require a single piece of equipment, and after a few sets, you will definitely feel that glorious burn. But throw lower-back pain into the mix, and push-ups are just plain brutal. If you’re healthy and experiencing lower-back pain during push-ups,

How to Prevent Strength-Training Injuries at Home

For building muscle, burning fat and calories, and even improving your mood, strength training is where it’s at. But, like with any other exercise method, the potential for injury is real if form and safety measures aren’t taken seriously. Before jumping into a strength-training routine at home, check out these essential tips from certified strength

Dr Miriam Stoppard: No evidence that masks prevent spread of coronavirus – Miriam Stoppard

I was intrigued to see the US surgeon General demonstrating on TV how to make a cloth mask from an old T-shirt, to protect yourself. Had he not read the research, I wondered, that says there’s no good evidence that wearing masks in crowded places helps protect you from Covid-19? Would they protect other people