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Harry Potter High School Dance Team’s Homecoming Routine

This ain’t your typical Yule Ball, folks. Back in 2018, the students of Arizona’s Walden Grove High School were at it again when they took us to Hogwarts with yet another viral dance sensation, and we’re still thinking about it. It seemed nearly impossible to top the dance team’s Wizard of Oz-themed homecoming performance from

Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Color-Changing Face Mask TikTok

I solemnly swear to spend all my money on anything and everything Harry-Potter-related, and that includes this handmade Marauder’s Map mask that changes colors when you breathe into it. Colorado-based artist Stefanie Hook made the mask from scratch and shared a video, which now has over two million views, of the face mask in action

Daniel Radcliffe Starts Harry Potter at Home Video Readings

The Wizarding World has always served as a comfortable place for fans to revisit whenever the urge strikes them, and now, the first book is getting the star treatment. Well, star treatment that isn’t a critically acclaimed film! As part of the Harry Potter at Home initiative — developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Harry Potter Couples Tattoos | POPSUGAR Love & Sex

Couples who share a mutual love for Harry Potter are bound to stay together, always. If you and your significant other want to pay homage to the series, we’ve found magical tattoo inspiration, from matching Deathly Hallows symbols and Patronuses to quotes from the book and film series. Go as big or as small as

Harry Potter Classroom Decoration Ideas

Getting through a full, long school year can be tough for teachers and students, but there’s nothing like a little magic to motivate. Imagine walking into a Harry Potter world instead of boring desks and blank walls? There are oodles of Pinterest-worthy ideas out there, and we love some teachers’ over-the-top efforts to totally deck

Virtually Ride Wizarding World of Harry Potter Attractions

Whether you had a vacation planned to one of the Universal Studios locations or you just feel like a little bit of Harry Potter magic right now, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter isn’t totally off limits despite both the Orlando and Hollywood parks remaining closed indefinitely. Thanks to previous visitors to the parks, there