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5 Mistakes In Your Everyday Hygiene Routine You Simply MUST Get Rid From!

Since we’re really young, in our earliest childhood days, parents and close family members, even kindergarten teachers teach us the bases of bon ton – how to act around people, into society, but, also, how to take care of hygiene. Washing our teeth, going to to the bathroom and taking care of our looks are

Will COVID-19 Make In-Home Beauty Services More Popular?

As we continue to adjust to the shift in stay-at-home orders, we can’t help but wonder what some of the everyday activities we used to do without a second thought will look like — such as hair appointments, manicures, and dermatology visits. Over the last few months, we’ve become accustomed to staying in the comfort

The Most Popular GoNoodle Videos For Families | Zumba & More

Getting in exercise through home workouts feels harder than ever these days, but getting our kids moving is especially important (nobody needs a high-energy kiddo bouncing off the walls right before bedtime!). Enter: GoNoodle, a kids’ media company that creates movement and mindfulness videos for children ages 5 through 12 and that has one of

Popular Old Navy Tie-Dye Sweatshirt 2020

Every time this Old Navy Relaxed Vintage Crew-Neck Sweatshirt ($25, originally $35) goes up on the site, sizes run out in just hours. Customers can’t get enough of the comfy yet on-trend essential. Whether you’re lounging around at home or running errands, this sweatshirt is a fun option to throw on. Women have been showing

Mondays With Michelle Obama Will Feature Popular Kids’ Books

Michelle Obama wants to read your kids a story! Penguin Young Readers, Random House Children’s Books, and PBS Kids are bringing your family “Mondays With Michelle Obama,” a four-week series of videos in which Michelle will read popular children’s books aloud. The series is in support of the Penguin Random House literacy initiative, “Read Together,

Top YouTube Fitness Influencers’ Most Popular Workout Videos

You’ve got your matching workout set on and your pump-up playlist queued up, but are you exercising? No. You’re sitting crisscross on your yoga mat, scrolling through endless YouTube workout videos in search of the one. Believe me, I’ve been there — but, I’ve also devised a solution. From yoga to full-body toning to hip-hop