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Tweets About What People’s Pets Are Doing as “Coworkers”

Before this period of self-isolation I was working from home three days a week, so I’m used to having my two cats lying across my keyboard, rubbing their tails in my face during video meetings, and pawing at me for attention. For many people, however, working from home with their new coworkers, aka their pets,

Dr Miriam Stoppard: Pets as therapy can offer great comfort for patients – Miriam Stoppard

The NHS has become more open to allowing people animal companionship in hospital if they want it. However, experts say hygiene and infection control must be the priority and the Royal College of Nursing has published a “pet ­protocol” for dogs in healthcare settings, welcomed by the British Veterinary Association. Among other things, it wisely

Can Pets Contract or Spread Coronavirus to Humans?

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to swiftly spread and as my Facebook feed fills with messages about the importance of social distancing to keep the elderly and immunocompromised members of our communities safe, I felt guilty as I considered my latest Google search: “Can my dog get coronavirus?” I was mostly expecting to be met

See Cute Pictures of a Golden Retriever and Bunny Rabbit

Ever since my husband and I rescued our Golden Retriever, we routinely ask ourselves what we did before getting her. What exactly did we fill our time with? How could anything have possibly been — or be — better than having a Golden flop around our house, producing more hairballs than I thought possible? I

Ditch cheap candles and ban pets from bedroom to improve your health

Air pollution indoors is causing an epidemic of respiratory disease. The UK has the highest rates in Europe, and the number of people diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has jumped by 27% in the last decade. Air-quality tests carried out by the environment charity Global Action Plan revealed the air inside homes in

Baby Yoda Chia Pets Are Coming Out Soon

We can now add a Baby Yoda Chia Pet to the growing list of adorable, squeal-inducing products inspired by The Child from Disney+’s The Mandalorian. Recently unveiled at the New York Toy Fair, the decorative planter features a grinning, robed Baby Yoda situated in his spherical pod (unfortunately solo and without one of his beloved