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I’m Giving Up Bedtime Schedules With My Kids Because It’s Just Not Worth It Right Now

Life while social distancing has been nothing short of difficult, and when you throw kids into the mix, things gets even murkier. After two full months of sheltering in place, I’ve come to an epiphany of sorts about what things to keep up with and which to simply let go of. At the beginning, I

Why I’m Letting My Kids Eat More Sugar During COVID-19

My son has picked up a love of baking while being homeschooled, and eating all of those sweets is something I’m choosing not to care about. Our isolating life has been far from perfect, but my kids have found themselves learning to love new hobbies — something they didn’t have the time for before. My

Why Meg From Hercules Is the Best Woman Disney Character

Image Source: Everett Collection Anna rescues her sister, Mulan saves China, and Moana restores balance to the world. Yet as news of a Hercules live-action movie hit headlines, I was reminded that one of my favorite woman Disney characters is Megara, the woman who literally sold her soul to the underworld god for a guy.

How My Father Taught Us Self-Confidence

It was silly. It was cheesy. And it was daily. My father had gone to see a motivational speaker give a talk about self-confidence. He returned home with a fistful of smiling cartoon tiger stickers that had “Hello, tiger. I love you!” written on them and proceeded to apply these stickers to every bathroom mirror

How I Finally Developed a Healthy Workout Routine

I used to shudder at the sound of the word exercise. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to put themselves through something so sweaty, sticky, and gruesome. Plus, I was always slim so, in my mind, I didn’t have much incentive to work out. After battling depression for five years and reading tons of